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Trust is the cornerstone of human life. When it comes to content marketing and public relations, trust plays a crucial role. The way trust is built has changed in the recent past. Influencer marketing is a great tool for building trust. It helps your brand reach new heights and achieve credibility. Today influence can happen either through a traditional newspaper column or a tweet. At the core of our offering is finding and targeting influencers. Our expertise lies in getting you the right influencers and managing your relationship with them.

Today no one can discount social media’s capability as a great marketing tool. It offers a radically different approach for gaining traffic and building your brand. Quality content plays a remarkable role in social media marketing. Here we provide a purely content-oriented strategy in our social media campaigns. Such a content-based strategy enhances social engagement significantly.

Social media marketing is all about finding answers to three questions – Who is your audience? What to show to them? When is the right time to update them?

Many of the social media campaign becomes a failure just because they fail to find an answer to the three fundamental questions when we design a strategy.

In Facebook, any laymen can easily boost a post or a page, which can fetch them some reach or some likes. But the purpose of a Facebook page is to have consumer interactions, which will not happen just because you can pump money to boost the page or a post. Our experts analyse your business and create a plan that suites each and every product or services, which help you present your brand before the right stakeholders.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the indispensible tool in the hands of a marketer today. SEM is the fine art of making use of paid advertisements alongside search engine results pages. An SEM marketer has to understand keywords that online users might use in order to search for a product or service. Here, the key is to understand the thought process of users who search online for various requirements. At Hecate, we put users’ mind at the core of what we do. Analysing the users’ behavioural patterns, thought process, interests, and changing search trends in general is of paramount importance when it comes to formulating tailor-made SEM strategies. We ensure individual attention and approach for each client, because we simply hate one-size-fit-all approach.

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The oft-repeated content-is-king phrase may sound a bit clichéd. But the fact is that content indeed is the king of all the kings in the dynamic world of marketing. One just cannot overlook the importance of high-quality, relevant content as a key factor in a successful marketing campaign. At Hecate we put quality content at the heart of our marketing plans, with a solid team comprising of seasoned journalists backing it up. Our team of versatile writers and experienced editors ensure that to-the-point and timely content is delivered for each marketing campaign.

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Media Relations

We do not believe in the conventional media relation strategies. For us, media relations are not about managing a bevy of journalists in the English media. We try to extend our network to regional and vernacular media. To be precise, we have a pan-India media relations programme that covers 90 percent of journalists across many states.

Crisis Management

India’s complex media environment throws up many crises. We take the crisis head on and offer rapid solutions. If we think that it is better to remain silent in a crisis, we prefer to do so. We change strategies depending on the need of the hour.

External Communication

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Internal Communication

In House communication
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Political PR

With a new breed of young educated politicians taking centre stage, we have devised a communication plan for leaders. We believe that there exists a huge market for reputation management for politicians in a structured professional way.

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Online Reputation

Film PR

Though the film field, which is large one encompassing both national as well as regional cinema, is recognized now as an industry, it is still run in an unorganized manner. Large amounts are invested but communication strategies are still in the conventional realm. We evolve new ways of communicating the strengths and unique aspects of films and the creative artists by leveraging conventional as well as new media.

Trust is the cornerstone of human life. When it comes to content marketing and public relations, trust plays a crucial role.