The PESO model takes the four media types—paid, earned, shared and owned—and merges them together.

Paid Media

Paid media would evoke the image of print ads. On the contrary, paid media has a different meaning in PR scheme of things. On the contrary, paid media in a PR programme is social media advertising, email marketing and sponsored content.

Earned Media

Earned media means what we call media relations or publicity. It is all about getting your name printed in a newspaper or trade magazine or appearing on the night-time news either to comment on the budget or talk about your product.

Shared media

Shared media means social media. And it is shaping itself as one of the leading and fastest communication tools. It’s evolving very fast, and is going beyond customer service or marketing. Time is not far when companies will start using social media as a vehicle of communications, both internally and externally.

Owned media

Owned media is also called content, which you own. It involves company-generated content, articles in your websites, blogs, etc. You have total control over the messaging and you can tell the story in whichever way you want it to be told.

Trust is the cornerstone of human life. When it comes to content marketing and public relations, trust plays a crucial role.